I've always had a love for art.  Whether that be painting, crafting or finger painting with my kiddos I have always enjoyed the creative side of things.  I also love being home raising my babies.   My passion for photography came in the midst of the craziness of growing my own family.  It came at a time when I needed that "break" and creative outlet and now, I leave my crazy kiddos to come capture yours.  My goal is to have my images speak to you. For your story to be told,  to be cherished, to be remembered.  Leaving you with a collection of memories you will keep forever.  For me the only way to achieve this is capturing honest true connections. I love nothing more than getting to know my clients and capturing the real life moments in between the posed pretty stuff.  The kid who is bouncing all over the bed during a newborn session or the mom wiping her toddlers boogies or tears....I want to capture those moments for you.  The moments of your everyday life that you don't want to forget years from now. 



photo by jamie jones photography