Grieves Family (The Barn, Dayton)

I loved working with this sweet fam.  Their little man slept a bit in the car so we started off with some time just the three of us.  I love spending time with just mom and dad during family sessions.  A lot of times us parents haven't had photos taken since our wedding.  How crazy is that?! Let's start a change shall we =)  

Thorp Family/Newborn (Portland)

Newborn sessions are for sure a favorite of mine! I love in home sessions so when you add a squishy new babe in the mix of your home, I melt!! I fell in love with their cute Portland home with their style just oozing out.  It was so fun to shoot in and you can tell how much they adore their little man! The biggest congrats to you two! 



Lauren & Zach (Engagements)

This couple was so much fun to capture! We laughed the whole time and they are down right gorgeous!! I know it can be nerve wracking to have your photo taken, especially with your main squeeze so I try to get you moving and comfortable and then getting the more intimate shots once you feel nice and loosened up.  I loved getting to know these two.

The Garvin Family

Loved working with this little family! We spent some time downtown Mcminnville for some of my favorite shooting spots then headed out to Amy's parent's nursery for a little country.  Such naturals these three! I had so much fun with them! 

Morganne & Brian (Wedding) Pacific City, Oregon

Loved my time with this couple and their closest family and friends at Pacific City! It combined my love of wedding and family photography cause they have the sweetest little girl together =)  Morganne and Brian were so chill the whole day and made it so much fun for me to capture them.  They hired me for two hours and I wanted to stay and capture them all day!! We lucked out with perfect coastal weather which was the icing on the cake. 


Jessie & Ian (Wedding) Carlton Oregon

Such an amazing day this was!! I loved getting to be a part of this beautiful wedding.  It was so fun to explore the tiny town of Carlton where Jessie and Ian first started dating.  


Hours old, baby Garnet (McMinnville, Oregon)

Newborn shoots are definitely a favorite of mine! And getting the chance to meet this sweet babe minutes after she came into this world was such an honor.  Newborn shoots in the hospital are definitely a bit different then the ones I do in someones home.  We don't have as much control over lighting and the environment.  I tend to declutter more if I am in someones home or rearrange furniture a bit more but when it's the hospital you are sometimes dealt with poor natural light and pepsi cans in the background (which I have to say I think that helps tell a story) It's not as glamourous, but what childbirth really is? That's what I love so much about going into the hospital for a shoot, mama and babe are just in a vulnurable state and no one seems to care about makeup and lighting. But more about looking at their toes for the first time and trying to figure out where their sweet dimples came from.  I love capturing those "firsts".


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Wopat Family (McMinnville Oregon)

Loved working with this sweet family! This post is well overdue as it was my last "Fall" shoot of the year (it was actually in December, but we still had some leaves left on the ground.) I didn't get a chance to share their shoot on Facebook so I thought it would be the perfect first family blog post.  This little guy had fallen asleep on the drive out to our location which made for some sweet snuggles at the beginning of our shoot.  When working with families with young kids I often just ask the parents to play and interact with one another, that's what gives more of the candid/lifestyle moments that I LOVE to capture.  We all warmed up in no time!


Marybeth (Maternity)

I thought it could be fun with some of these first blog posts to share a bit about what goes into them or give you an idea of how things work.  When it comes to maternity shoots I think us women are never super crazy excited about being photographed at this stage in our life.  Or if you are like me you aren't....But, but =) with that being said I'm so happy that I have professional photographs to look back on and to have for me and my children.

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I always suggest maternity photos be taken around 30 weeks.  You are often nice and round but aren't hating life quite yet ;)  And always dress in something you feel beautiful in, because trust me you are beautiful!  Marybeth and I chatted the night before and I pushed a glamorous dress idea.  Her home is beautiful and I knew this look would be perfect! 

We did a rather quick shoot since it was just her but I love the simplicity and beauty of it.  Something that could easily be made into a keepsake book for her and her daughter to always treasure.  


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My first blog post!!

I'm so excited you're  here! This will hopefully turn into a space where you can get to know me a bit more and I can share with you my most recent work!  

If you are already a fan of my work you are probably a fan of these three little beauties!  Their mom Cristina has become a dear friend of mine and it all started with me taking photos of them...actually that might be a bit of a fib, it may have started with me being a bit obsessed with her style and design sense and I some how landed the job of their family photographer.  We had a great time styling this shoot with Anthropologie headbands and Seek and Swoon blankets.  The shoot turned into magic when we pulled up to our location and it began to snow.   

These girls amaze me time and time again! I don't give much direction when I shoot and I know that may drive people nuts but these girls nail it every time!  I adore the ones of them running around in the snow, trying to keep themselves warm.  "Let them be little" often runs through my head when I photograph toddlers.